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As a creative team we had been looking for a new visual perspective, and fell in love with the idea of working with someone of a similar age who was also able to capture the sensuality and intimacy of our brand.

Amanda Charchian is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work has been featured in Vogue Italia, TIME, New York Magazine & i-D , and who is also part of the International Girl Gang; a collective of women all creative in their own right, supporting each other’s journey. And she was keen to be involved.

We shot from sunrise to sunset, high up in the Tuscan hills with the city of Florence as our backdrop. This was particularly special to us as most of our garments are made within the region. It felt like everything had come together full circle.

The images that follow show a conscious engagement with the female gaze and a new interpretation of the DADELSZEN aesthetic. Amanda is a global citizen whose celebrated images are part of a narrative that feels incredibly pertinent and valuable to contemporary photography. Uniquely, she shot on film, which creates not only the most rich and gorgeous colour saturation from her negatives, but also a level of trust as there is no opportunity to review or revisit shots as they transpire. It gave every moment the most astounding sense of intimate focus and time felt so precious - almost otherworldly - uninterrupted by phones, display screens and light checks.

Thanks to a successful day and the mutual admiration and friendship that followed, Amanda was kind enough to share her experience.

“Imagine a beautiful Tuscan spring day, lavender coloured jacarandas growing above your head, a view of rolling hills providing a feeling of remoteness, the smell of Jasmine in full bloom, a light breeze and local aperitifs spread across a table. This was the setting of meeting the delightful Edward von Dadelszen, a relaxed gentleman with an impeccable sense of style. We went from kind and sincere strangers on email to creative counterparts in a matter of minutes. The trust and creative freedom Constance, Edward and Ally instilled in me provided an unexpected sense of joy and thrill to create. Together with our incredibly gorgeous and gracious models, Martina and Marco, we enjoyed a day full of enthusiasm, ease, and authentic expression. The exquisite tailoring of the collection, luxurious fabrics, and tasteful colour palette elevated the shooting experience beyond what I had expected, which made the shoot an absolute pleasure. I think the photographs emit the sublime yet relaxed energy of the day. Getting the film back, warm memories of the way I felt that day came back to me. Editing them was almost as much of a joy as the actual shoot. I am immensely grateful for the experience!”

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